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Monday, November 28, 2011

This Week on TCM: To Catch A Thief

Wednesday at 8pm is TO CATCH A THIEF, pairing Cary Grant with Grace Kelly-- had those two actors gotten together in real life and had children they might be so beautiful we'd all have been struck blind just by looking at them-- but watch the movie and I think you'll be okay.  Someone once called it the best 'Batman' film ever made-- and I can see the connections.

At 10pm the same night is DIAL M FOR MURDER, another Hitchcock tale this time with Ray Milland and Grace Kelly in a film that probably influenced COLUMBO a great deal.

On Thursday Dec 1 you've got a lineup of a few early thrillers and mysteries with JEWEL ROBBERY (1932), The KENNEL MURDER CASE (1933) which is a really great Philo Vance mystery and THE Ex-MRS BRADFORD (1936)-- there are worse ways to spend a Thursday night.

Saturday night's ESSENTIAL is OUT OF THE PAST (1947) which is one of the top film noir's and stars Robert Mitchum.  You really can't go wrong with the Essentials.