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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Movie ReViews for Movies I haven't Seen: PUSS IN BOOTS

You only thought Dreamworks milked every drop out of SHREK with it's recent SHREK 8: Battle With Diabetes Type 2, but rest assured they figured the smartest thing they could do was to create a spin off from that piece of cinematic treasure and give The Cat (El Gato) his own film.  People love cats right?  People haven't paid a nickel to SEE Antonio Banderas in a film in years right?  So it's a natural combination.  A movie about a cat where you only HEAR Banderas.

Cat ladies flooded theaters to see this and theater owners have reported they should be able get the smell out by sometime early next year.

Director Darren (Black Swan) Aronofsky takes the characters to places we might not have expected, first hooking The Cat on Heroin and then having him have a sordid affair with a homeless Bat who it's eventually revealed is actually a male in a scene clearly inspired by THE CRYING GAME (spoilers) which of course leads to The Cat suffering from both HIV and Rabies.   There wasn't a dry eye in the house when The Cat gets put to sleep.

The movie is populated with actors we all wish would go away including Adam Sandler, Jack Black and in a restrained role as The Bat;  Jim Carrey-- who I predict right now will be nominated for an Supporting Actor Oscar for this role.

Moving, animated and visually brilliant it's a film you won't soon forget, even if you never see it.