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Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 - The World Ends Today

I imagine they got a credit from the sign company for the typo
I wish I had checked the calendar and saw this was coming, because I wouldn't have mailed the check for Cable this month.  Well, the world had to end sometime.  I write these in advance so I assume I'm wrestling with a giant dog with a goats head or some other apocalyptic nonsense right now.

I'm not a religious person, and I'm also not the kind of person who finds it as the cracks open up in the ground and people all around me start falling in.  I was on a plane once that plummeted out of the sky for a few minutes and while everyone around me was hysterical I kept my composure, because what the hell good would it do to lose it?  It's not like a great hand was going to reach out and save us because I've soiled myself.

Which brings me to a thought;  I don't like to talk religion, but even more-- I don't like YOU to talk YOUR religion to me.  Keep it to yourself.  More power to you if you find comfort in organized religion, but it doesn't make you a great person, not by a long shot.  How you behave outside that institution is what matters.

So the world ends today-- unless that's another typo.

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