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Monday, October 17, 2011

Movies this week...

TCM knocks some out of the park with HORROR OF DRACULA (1958) from Hammer which marks Christopher Lee's debut as the Count from Transylvania-- for my money this one and the sequel, DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS are Hammer's best horror films.  Truthfully I find the entire output from Hammer to be flat and lifeless, beautiful to look at but short on atmosphere and real fright.  They lack the beauty of the great Universal classics and are entirely too 'english' for me with their characters keeping a stiff upper lip and whatnot...

At 930 Vincent Price hosts a bunch of guests in his HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959) which is one of the cheesiest of the William Castle schlock films, but it's got some genuine scares in it.

Skip THE TINGLER at 11 if you don't like bad movies, but swing back at 12:30 for HOUSE OF WAX (1953) which is a real classic from Warners featuring Price as a disfigured killer on the loose.

On Saturday the 22nd we've got THE GHOUL at 9:30am, this 1933 chiller from England was lost for many years and features the great and uncanny Karloff in one of his scarier roles.  Follow that up with two chapters of Zorro's Fighting Legion and then a Tarzan film from 1963 with Jock Mahoney and you'll find yourself with a Ray Harryhausen double feature beginning at 1:45pm with 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) and Earth Vs The Flying Saucers (1956) which is a lot better than it sounds like its going to be.

If you can make it-- at 1am they are showing CRY OF THE WEREWOLF (1944) which is a rare outright horror thriller from 20th Century Fox which hoped to capitalize on the success Universal was having with their monster films-- and they do a pretty good job of it.