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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CLASS: Marketing Your Art in the 21st Century

Most artists, writers and other creative types are good at creating art but not so good at selling it (or themselves), which is why I do this class on MARKETING YOUR ART in the 21st CENTURY at WAM once a year.  This year's offering starts TOMORROW-- running four weeks from 1-4pm in Studio 207.  CALL the museum at 508.799.4406 to sign up if you're interested.

I know what you're thinking-- "but I have to work!"-- no kidding?  That's why you need the class bucky, so you can market your art and that will become your career.  Isn't it worth four personal days, or four half days to make that difference in your life?

There are other marketing classes out there-- some of them offered by WAM-- the one at Massachusetts College of Art and Design is particularly ineffective-- advising you to mail out expensive postcards to newspaper editors in the hopes of getting work.  That would be great advice if it also came with a WAYBACK machine and you could tune it to 1973, but since I'm pretty sure it doesn't you should sign up for my class.

Now I'm not saying Postcards aren't an option, they are if used correctly.

You'll also be amazed at how inexpensive it is to Market yourself and to find work-- but you might also be surprised that it takes a good deal of effort.

In this class you'll learn not just how to sell yourself but how to:

1. Get yourself out to events and get known.
2. Find your market.
3. Learn how to deal with different personality types effectively.
4. Find contact information for the people (and companies) you really want to work with.
5. Negotiating gallery percentages and finding professional representation.
6. Scheduling your family and personal life while still setting and accomplishing your goals.
7. Creating a brand identity and ensuring you don't look like a yokel.
8. Learn how to effectively handle yourself in difficult situations.
9. The secret to finding work and keeping it coming.

All of this and more.  If you stick to and apply the techniques we cover in this class you will be able to run with the pros.

Change your life creative people.  Take a chance and sign up.