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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Season... Some New Projects..some new adjustments...

Fall is in full swing so for me it means back to the classroom-- in this case a great class at WAM on Comic Book Creation on Monday nights and an online 'virtual' classroom for Emerson on Wednesday nights on the Art of Comics.  Online is definitely an adjustment but it means I can have students from as far away as Australia and each class is held in the comfort of our homes.

Project wise-- WEREWOLVES OF WISCONSIN is finished and with the publisher, McFarland Press should be available around Halloween.

My short story-- THE CAPTAIN, is part of Harvard Book's First Ever Comic Anthology effort from their in-house publishing group and that's available now-- the story is only five pages but details one of the characters I'm developing for a longer narrative which takes place in a fictional area based on Coolidge Corner in Boston.  The characters interact with a classic movie house and bookstore across the street.  The Captain tells the story of an actor who rose to fame for his portrayal of a comic book superhero in a B Movie and was never able to live it down, forcing him to give up his dream of acting and scrounge out a living any other way he can.

Currently I'm working on DRACULA and considering what my next project will be for McFarland Press.  Speaking of DRACULA-- the first volume has been revamped, improved and extended--new cover by me and Veronica coming soon-- you'll see it here on the blog first.

On a personal level, Veronica has taken an Artist Residency some forty miles away-- it's hard to be apart during the week but she's knocking out Frankenstein while she's there and I can tell you that I've been privy to the pages and this is going to rock the comic world when it comes out.   To those of you who have emailed me concerned-- Veronica and I are fine.  Artist residency's are tremendous opportunities where you are invited by an institution to come and work in a nearly sequestered manner.  I've done it in the past and am in talks to do one out west.

She's out there Sunday thru Wednesday and I've been coming out Tuesday night where we have dinner at the school (great food!) and then I stay over into Wednesday to bring her back.  It's hard to be separated for even a couple of days but we stay in touch and it allows both of us to get a lot of work done.