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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do We Want to see a Reporter Die?

It's always interesting that in order to report a story happening-- let's say a Hurricane or a war- that news companies feel the need to stick some poor newbie reporter deep in the middle of it.

"Go out and stand in the middle of the storm-- make like it's killing ya!" -- It's like Ed Wood is in charge of news broadcasts now.

I'm not talking about the reporters hunkered down in a hotel room in Tripoli who are facing real danger as possible hostages during the fall of Gadafi-- I'm talking about the ones in the flack jacket and helmet standing fifteen feet from live gunfire and basically being a walking human target.

I think a camera pointed out a window would be more effective-- I'm not interested in watching a reporter's head explode during a live broadcast on the 24 hour news channels-- but it's coming and mark my words it'll be reacted to with shock and dismay even though it's only a matter of time.

Is that really what we want?  Personally I like it much better when my boy Anderson Cooper is safe and snug in the studio and just telling me how bad something is somewhere else-- or Brian Williams-- I trust both of you guys, please keep the suits on and stay in the air conditioned comfort of your studio.  I can imagine how bad it is wherever we're talking about-- I really don't need graphic visuals of someone dying to emphasize the point.