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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cup O' Kryptonite Des Moines IA! Coffee & Comics!

Old pic from our visit three years ago.  My Mac and Veronica's camera aren't talking.
Not only is the idea of combining comic books with a coffee shop the single greatest idea on the planet-- the coffee is actually GREAT.

Sorry midwest, but the stuff the vast majority of you are drinking is little more than dishwater--especially when it comes to ICED COFFEE.  Not since Japan have I struggled to find even a drinkable cup of Iced Joe but CUP O' KRYPTONITE does not disappoint.  What's more-- the owner, Matt (?-- I'm bad with names) is more than your average fanboy-- in addition to having a love of the medium, his recommendations are outside the mainstream and spot on.  I know I'm in a good shop when I walk in (smell great coffee) and see BPRD, HELLBOY and ATOMIC ROBO getting the notice they deserve.  Ditto his selection of choice trade paperbacks and his RENTAL policy which allows you to check out series you might be missing.

He's also got a great attitude about the possibility of the digital revolution-- saying it's not up to him, it's up to his customers not him, but he's not adverse to the idea of customers coming into his shop to download e-versions of popular titles.

Contrast this with the shop owner in Indiana who flat out said he refused to even think about digital comics and HE would never read them that way so they would not be something he would be interested in carrying.  He went on to say that digital would be the start of the end of his business-- and I think it's that king of short sightedness that will lead to his going away, while retailers who embrace the possibility of their being involved with evolve and co-exist while bringing in new readers who might not normally go into a comic shop.

Its a natural progression as Hollywood continues to mine the comics industry creating millions of potential new readers.   It's up to us creators to deliver good quality to keep them a fan.

But here, in the heart of the country-- there is at least one guy who's doing things right-- and I'm confident he'll be around for the long haul.  If you're in the area, give Cup O' Kryptonite a try-- I think you'll be a fan too.