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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toth; Genius

Alex Toth is one of the giants of the comic industry-- his work appeals more to artists than to fans since they can appreciate the deceptively simple line-work and innovative use of light and shadow in his work.  He never gained the fame he should have among the general comics crowd, but he is a legend for anyone in the know.

A three volume massive look at his life and work has started with the publication of Volume One; Genius Isolated back in March.  The two other volumes will follow with a slipcase included with volume three so collectors and fans can create an amazing little set.

Toth was responsible for the animation resurgence of the late 60s doing character designs for such legendary shows as SPACE GHOST, FANTASTIC FOUR, THE HERCULOIDS and so much more.

His book is a must have for any serious illustrator or a student who strives to be.  I'd also encourage you to seek out and find books on some of his contemporaries in the field who also changed the way the world sees animation, comics and illustration:

Neal Adams
Bernie Wrightson
Mike Kaluta
Gil Kane
Basil Gogos
Frank Frazetta

and the list could go on-- one of these days I will get into it but these are the masters of the medium.