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Sunday, August 14, 2011

RINO-- that's me.

I am a Reagan Republican, but I'm growing increasingly disenchanted with the party of Lincoln.  The party that freed the slaves, the party that believes in smaller government and lower taxes.  The party that believes you should get up and work-- dig yourself out of the hole.  Yes, get help if you need it, but help in the form of welfare or government assistance (except among the elderly) should be a temporary measure and not something that carries on through generations.

Yet socially-- we could not be on further ends of the spectrum.  I hate that we are spending trillions being the world's police force.  I believe we should have gone after the Taliban and Osama, they brought the fight to our doorstep.  But it should have been quick and it should have been decisive.  I don't care that THE NEW YORKER revealed last week that the mission to find Osama was a kill mission.  I don't want him on trial-- I want him where he is-- at the bottom of the ocean where no shrine could ever be built to him.

We fight wars today (and they shouldn't be fought without a formal declaration and support on the home front) like a heavyweight champion of the world who refuses to use his arms in a street fight-- even if attacked-- because that wouldn't be fair.  We expend countless young men and women's lives at the sake of political correctness (which I hate more than terrorism).
We fight wars in a politically correct spectrum that cost us billions when we could end ANY conflict with any enemy in a day if we used every means at our disposal.

I believe in funding the arts.  Art education teaches critical thinking.  Art provides so much in our daily lives.  Art gives an outlet to students who may not be athletic and yet it's cut first.

I believe in responsibility.  I believe in a woman's right to choose.  I believe in Freedom of Religion AND Freedom FROM Religion-- keep your Jesus pamphlets away from me.

Yet the Republican's continue to put up candidates like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin who are so far to the right of common sense it's sickening.

Don't jump to your feet and start clapping, my Democrat friends.  You are just as bad.  Idiots like John Kerry and Barney Fwank continue to instill a liberal agenda costing the tax payers BILLIONS with idiotic ideals like the monument to Teddy Kennedy which will cost taxpayers $70 million dollars.  $70 Million devoted to a guy whose biggest contribution to the public good was dying.

Wow-- that's a little harsh isn't it?  Although I did change it from "...monument to Teddy Kennedy which will cost taxpayers $70 million dollars.  $70 Million devoted to a guy whose biggest contribution to the public good was dying.  I hope he enjoys it from his new spot in Hell next to his equally corrupt father, both of whom are certainly chasing after under age women right now."

So see?  I CAN edit myself.

I'm sick of all politicians-- each and every one of them on both sides.  We need a legitimate third party and not the crazy Tea Baggers or Green Party either.  We need a Patriot party-- a party that puts partisanship aside for the good of the country.  A party in the Spirit of Thomas Jefferson who believed in citizen government and NOT professional politicians.

I think it was columnist William Buckley who proposed a new system where Senators and Congressmen are chosen the same way we pick juries-- at random.  You serve your country for the years chosen and then you're out.

I think he's on to something.