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Monday, August 22, 2011

MOVIE Monday; This Week on TCM-

I got an email from a reader who asked why I don't cover "modern" movies here on Movie Monday-- a recent visit to REDBOX clearly answers that for me.  Should I discuss the latest piece of genius from Ed Helms?  Or Jack Black's current masterpiece?  Isn't there a new Harold and Kumar Do White Castle flick soon?

The reason is 95% of the movies coming out of Hollywood today are drek-- plain and simple.  They've adopted a tried and true formula that they stick with and seldom vary from.  They just don't hold my interest.   I've been employed as a script doctor before, and I'm currently working on something for a film company-- and even if it means a better story it's hard to convince the powers that be to keep a movie under 2 hours and to cut back on the sub-plots if they don't move the story forward.  Hitchcock was a master of this-- not one foot of film or one piece of dialogue was there that didn't need to be.


Tonight at 11 is MILDRED PIERCE (1945) which features Joan Crawford in one of the best film noirs of the 40s.  Well worth missing a full night's sleep.

Tuesday at 9:30am is ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT (1942) which is an entertaining little Bogie film with him taking on Nazi spies in Brooklyn.

THIEF of BAGDHAD (1940) is on at 9:45 featuring Conrad Veidt who is the lead Nazi in CASABLANCA which follows at Midnight.  Veidt makes his horror film debut in 1919's CABINET OF DR CALIGARI which airs at 3:15am so set your DVRs.

Thursday at 11:30pm is THE KILLERS based on Ernest Hemingway's story.  Top notch film noir.

Saturday at 11:45pm is HANGOVER SQUARE which is a little scene little psychological thriller from 1946 which is well worth your time.

Good week.