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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Art of the Graphic Novel at FAM!

Graphic Novel Exhibition - LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel - September 25, 2001- January 1, 2012
An exhibiton curated by Norman Rockwell Musuem, examines the history, diversity, and tremendous popularity of this literary phenomenon.  This exhibition will feature ove 146 works by 24 contemporary graphic novelists and historic practitioners of this evey-evolving art form.


Apparently the Fitchburg Art Museum is MUCH cooler than the Worcester Art Museum as they managed to land the coveted Norman Rockwell Lit Graphic; The World of the Graphic Novel exhibit that was hosted at Rockwell last winter.  Veronica and I were the guest speakers for the opening as well as asked back to provide a hands on workshop on graphic novels during the event-- and I'm happy to say we just made an agreement to do the same thing in Fitchburg.

This is a fabulous exhibit  and one that I encourage ANYONE interested in the comics art form to visit.  If your idea of comics is Jughead and Archie this will be an eye opener.  A great exhibit and fantastic to see graphic novels getting the appreciation from the arts world in Central Ma that they deserve.

Highest possible recommendation.