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Monday, July 4, 2011

Movie Monday: Happy July 4th

Big Holiday here in the States-- shove a hot dog in your mouth to celebrate our defeat of the English Monarchy and then read all about Kate and William in People Magazine-- doesn't make much sense to me either.

Movies this week:
At 10:15 tonight is THE ROARING TWENTIES which is a pretty important film that comes across as very corny and cliched today.  Jimmy Cagney is a WWI vet (yes I said One) who comes back to find the country in the midst of the great depression and he's got to try to make his way in the world-- should he slide down the slippery path of gangsterism?  Find out.
At 12:15 is NETWORK (1976) which is one of the most powerful films ever made-- and yup, also very 70s cliched-- loaded with sour attitudes and counter culture narcissism it's still a great movie.

Tuesday night starting at eight are a bunch of silent films-- which is always a nice treat and something I encourage all illustrators to have a go at.

On Saturday around Noon you could watch TARZAN AND THE SLAVE GIRL, you could, but I'd advise against it-- this is the era when the Tarzan films really slumped.

But next Sunday at 6 is CASABLANCA-- which if you've never seen you should be ashamed of yourself.