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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sylvester Stallone has made one great movie, one good movie and one mediocre movie.  The rest are unwatchable.

Rocky is a great movie.  Rocky III is a good movie.  JUDGE DREDD is mediocre but I still like it.  Based on the British Comic of the same name the movie takes place in the apocalyptic future where Judges rule the populace as both policeman, judge, jury and executioner.  The comics keep the stories tongue in cheek and parody a lot of pop culture-- for example in one adventure Dredd has to navigate the area known as the Cursed Earth-- approximately the land between New York and Chicago-- and along the way he encounters the Burger Wars, warring clans intent on killing each other who have come to worship the symbols of Ronald McDonald and the Burger King respectively.

The movie stays fairly true to the source material for about ten minutes and then it turns into any other sci fi film Stallone has ever been in.

The costumes look good and the effects are pretty solid.  A guilty pleasure of mine.