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Friday, June 24, 2011


(AF) In what may be the first sign of the Apocalypse or an indicator that people are finally going to do some work while they're sitting in their employer's chair for the day Facebook Founder Potsy Zukenberg (sp?) announced that he can't explain why the social network lost nearly 8 million US and Canadian members during the last measured cycle.

"It could be that now that people have lost their jobs since they bankrupted their companies by wasting their whole day on Facebook and are now out of work-- and of course unemployment benefits don't last longer than five years, internet gets turned off and -- well, I don't know!"  Zukenberg said before bursting into tears and running for his security blanket and a well worn stuffed bear he calls Pippy.

Other experts theorize that the days of stalking old flames or making your life seem more interesting than it really is-- or considering 2000 people you don't even know as friends--- may have worn out the luster that first attracted millions to the site.

Could this be a trend that Facebook is on the way out?   Man, we can only hope.
With any luck, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogs (yes I said BLOGS) will follow suit and we'll all learn to talk to real people again.

You can read the Huffington Post's take on the story HERE.  Mine is better.