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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wrap up for Day One; Day Two Begins

My internet connection at WAM has been inconsistent today, so I apologize for the spotty postings.

Here's where we are:
Group 203--
Artists- Andy Fish and Heidi Kayser
Our materials - Plastic Wrap, Cotton Balls and our surprise material is Fabric.

Our group is a diverse mixture, normally through the years I've done this it's predominantly girls-- I don't know if that's a sign of art education leaning more towards women know-- interesting because when I was in high school I think it was 80/20% Male to Female ratio.

We walked in this morning with the students and revealed the surprise material together-- I'm not going to lie-- Fabric frightened me-- and there's not much I'm scared of.

The students visited the museum with us to look at our two chosen pieces from the collection, which then led to a lunch break.  After lunch it was back to work where they pitched their ideas to us.

We arrived at the idea of creating a large fabric head in one corner of the room which would have flowing hair-- based on the idea of Rona Pondick's MOUSE;

They've decided that the plastic would make a nice homage to the flowing hair of the piece-- so off the head from one side will be the plastic strands of hair flowing into a massive cobweb at the room entrance and the other side will feature fabric hair which flows into an all fabric mural of a forest.

It's a really great concept and I'm anxious to see how it comes together.

More starting at 8am tomorrow.