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Monday, May 23, 2011

MoVie Monday! The Black Legion!

Humphrey Bogart is a disgruntled worker trying to get ahead who feels he's been overlooked for a promotion that is given to a Jewish Immigrant and that don't fly.

Bogart ends up getting mixed up with The Black Legion-- a Klan like organization intent on teaching these outsiders a lesson;  to go back where they came from.

It's stagey and corny in parts, but it's relevant to the political atmosphere of today-- and any movie with Bogart in it is worth watching.
It's on Wednesday night at 8pm on TCM.

Thursday at 10pm you can catch DESTINATION TOKYO (1944) with Cary Grant and a host of Warner Bros regulars in a World War II Submarine given the mission to sneak into Tokyo harbor.  Great propaganda film from a time when the country actually got behind a cause.

On Saturday at 230pm you can watch the film that catapulted Bud Abbott and Lou Costello to the heights of mega stardom with BUCK PRIVATES (1941).  Abbott and Costello were THE biggest movie stars of the early 1940s and this film holds up today.