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Saturday, May 7, 2011


FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is today-- head on over to your local comic book shop to be part of the celebration.   If you don't know where your local shop is dial 1-888-comicshop and enter your zip code to find it.

Veronica and I will be signing and sketching at FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD COMICS in Bellingham today from about 9-1.  Free comic book day was born out of the idea of Baskin Robbins Free Ice Cream day-- which was designed to introduce  Ice Cream to those dozens of people who have never tried Ice Cream.

The Comics version is pretty close to the same thing-- publishers provide these comics to local shops who then give them out to customers as they see fit.  Most of them have restrictions as to what comics you can have (Friendly Comics does not) and there are about two dozen books to choose from-- something for everyone and a great opportunity to sample the variety of comics being published today.

Some of the Available Titles
The introductory issue of THE MISADVENTURES OF ADAM WEST is also being released, this is a title I've been interested in seeing since Adam's agent Fred first discussed the idea with me many years ago.  I'm glad to see they were able to pull this together.

Stop by for some fun.