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Friday, May 13, 2011

Building The Frankenstein Monster Part II

Finding the right Mannequin is harder than you might think.

Very few manufacturer's design these with the idea of a Frankenstein Monster in mind.  So while the one on the far left MIGHT work-- it sort of looks like he's about to launch in to Master of The House from Les Miserables.

I want something more iconic for the pose-- this one for example-- its iconic:

Ha!  I joke.  Although the idea of the monster playing baseball is certainly cool with me-- I'm looking for truly iconic in terms of the pose.

This is the one I'm looking for.  In Mary Shelley's novel, the Creature is written as being 8 feet tall, in the 1931 film Karloff was more likely 6'2" thanks to the lift of his platform boots.
After some extended searching I found this one online:

Tomorrow: DRACULA!