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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boston Comic Con

The Robins
Ah comic book conventions!

One year I did 17 shows and burned myself out to the point I couldn't bear to enter those hallowed halls of geekdom I loved so much again.

I did the same thing with Hot Dogs stuffed with Chili, but that's another story.

So it was kicking and screaming that my lovely wife dragged me Saturday morning to the Boston Comic Con at the Hynes Convention Center which is attached to the Pru and within minutes I was transported back to what I love most about these gatherings of like minded fans and creators-- a chance to meet or catch up with some real giants in the industry as well as running into good friends you don't get to see often enough.  There's also the temptation to spend LOTS of money-- that giant Dr Zauis head was almost mine!-- and then of course there are the fans in costume, which is always fun to see.  The pic on this post is snatched from Veronica's blog but I'm the one who took the picture with her phone so I guess it's okay to use it.  In the actual picture Veronica has struck a similar battle pose but she seems to have cropped herself out-- vanity is my wife's middle name-- okay it's actually Lane but you get the picture.

Obnoxious is mine, in case you were wondering.

We caught up with good friends Scott Wegna whose book ATOMIC ROBO is on fire right now (and deservedly so), Tom Sniegoski who is one of the most talented writers I know and whose pulp like action novel featuring Lobster Johnson should be a monthly,  Tak Toyoshima the creator of SECRET ASIAN MAN and one of the best people in the industry.  I was delighted to find the incredibly talented Bob Noberini with a few spare minutes so we could catch up-- Bob is one of my favorite people....period.

We also managed quick waves to our friends Ansis Purins (Incredible artist whose original art hangs in my living room) and Christos Gage (writer of everything) along with Frank Cho and Stan Sakai.  I was also thrilled to spend a few minutes with Neal Adams talking everything from his experiences with Harlan Ellison (one of my favorite writers) to the time he introduced me and got me work with the late great Archie Goodwin.

It was actually fun to attend the show from the fan side without the responsibility of a table and all the stresses that go with it.

The show runs today as well and if you want to experience what a real comic book convention is all about this is your chance.   Prudential Center/Hynes Auditorium 10-4.