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Friday, May 20, 2011


While most of the world knows Batman on film as either Christian Bale or Adam West-- there are a few of us uber-geeks who have been keeping up with the Warner Bros/DC Comics Animated films and next up in their release schedule is an adaption of Batman Year One.

Year One was written by Frank Miller in between his own work on Sin City and it's very much a gritty film noir in it's telling of Batman's first time in the stretchy suit and cape.

It's the best crime drama to be done in comics and one of the strongest Batman stories in the character's 70+ year history.  I'm happy to see that the character designs seem to be in line with artist David Mazzuchelli's work on the original serial.

Slated for a late summer early fall release this might be THE Batman film to beat-- pushing Dark Knight off it's slightly over-rated thrown.