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Saturday, May 28, 2011

And we're done! AAS 24 is a Wrap

Picture swiped from Kristi's Teacher Blog for AAS
This group of kids were amazing.  They managed to work through adversity, long hours and surprise materials which they had never worked with before.  For many of them the idea of an installation was completely new-- and for all of them the idea of creating that installation using only plastic wrap, cotton balls and fabric certainly was and they never stumbled, never faltered, never gave up.

I've done this the past seven years and I was impressed with this group more than any other in that there was no drama, no complaining and no giving up.  No harsh words despite the heat, the stress and the long hours.

In the pic above you see them beginning the formation of the large head which would be the centerpiece for the entire project.  It was a challenge to create a visually appealing large scale head using those ingredients I just listed-- and one that took a few false starts to get it right-- but when they finished it was impressive.

More soon.