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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day

Douche bags like Jack Black are why I don't like April 1st
Jack Black loves April Fools Day-- I know this without knowing a thing about him, but he just does.  So does Mickey Dolenz and probably Jim Carrey-- all guys who just don't know when to turn it off.  The thing is-- you're not Jack Black, even Jack Black's not Jack Black-- since it looks like his career is following the lightning ride of both Dolenz and Carrey-- guys who knock us out with their amazing one note comedy schtick until we can't laugh anymore and we just beg them to go away.

Seriously.  Go away.

I'm not a practical joker, mostly because I'm not seven any more.  Luckily I've been pretty much free of pranksters my whole life who seem to realize I'm not a good person to target.  My good buddy Tania Perez once hid and jumped out to scare me and I inadvertently shattered her fifth and seventh rib when I instinctively grabbed her by the neck and tossed her against a wall-- sorry about that.

I really think if you're planning some big scheme today I would encourage you to re-think it.  I did see a great practical joke on a clip show where a rather stuffy banker was faced with a prospective client who pretended to have a nervous tic which would cause his face to lock up in an odd expression.  It carried through great.

Okay, so ONE practical joke out of years of practical jokes was great.  But rethink your plan today, Jolly  Jokers.  It's not worth it.