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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ask Archie

WoMAG is starting a new advice column this week. I ran into Editorial Honcho Doreen Manning who was looking for an artist to provide a doodle and logo to illustrate the column every other week so I said I'd be glad to do it.

"Archie Leaks" is the advice columnists name, and I suspect that isn't his real name, although a guy named Andy Fish shouldn't be doubting ANYBODY's real name.  My first design for Archie was that he was a big burly bartender type but I think I struck too close to home and Archie asked for a scholarly professor type.  My hope is that I'll get to play with his look and do variations on it as the weeks go by.

Should be a fun gig-- and an advice column is something all good weeklies should have.