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Thursday, February 17, 2011

WAM Brings Back the 20th Century! -- TONIGHT

Alex Katz, Ada with Sunglasses, 1969, oil on canvas, Gift of Sidney and Rosalie Rose.

When I first started teaching at WAM ten years ago the 20th Century Gallery was my favorite stop.  The pop culture art, including the works of Jackson Pollack, Andy Warhol's Soup Can and a host of other items were phenomenal to use in demonstrating art to my classes.  The Worcester Art Museum is a world class museum but there is far too much of a concentration of 18th Century American art for my tastes, and while it's all amazing, it can be a little dry.

So I was one of the people squeaking loudly that we needed to re-open the 20th Century Gallery and I'm VERY happy to report that it's happening this week, and there is a celebration opening this Thursday night at 5:30-- and I'll be there to welcome back some needed excitement into my lesson plans.

The event is free to Members and $14 for everyone else-- but it's WELL worth it to have this amazing collection back on display.

WHERE: Worcester Art Museum, 55 Lancaster Street
WHEN: Thursday Feb 17th at 5:30pm
WHY: Because it's cool