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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is Superman?

Henry Cavill sure gots a pretty mouth.
Okay that's it.
Enough with the brits taking all  our superhero roles.  First it was Batman, then Spider-Man and now Superman.  What's next?  Elizabeth Hurley as Wonder Woman?

Americans aren't playing James Bond-- so get your hands off our guys.

The rumor bouncing around was that Jon Hamm was going to be Superman, because director Zack Snyder wanted an 'older' guy to play Superman- and I cheered the idea.  Brandon Routh was an ode to the recent trend of girly-men playing the Man of Steel that started with Christopher Reeve (who now seems very manly in comparison to the later choices), then Dean Cain who was both Hawaiian and wore a Superman suit that would get chuckled at in a South Village Parade.

Don't get me started on Routh-- who looked like he was thirteen years old-- and I don't know anything about Henry except this is his headshot on IMDB.  Looks too young and girly to me, but maybe I'm not the target audience on this one.

To me, the ONLY live action Superman was George Reeves.  A former Boxer, he played the role like Superman was your Dad.  He was manly and tough and in no mood for your nonsense.  He could be your best friend but you didn't want to tick him off or he'd leave you on top of a mountain (which he once did).

The REAL Superman.  George Reeves
Reeves wasn't the first actor to play Superman though.  That honor goes to Kirk Alyn who skipped across the screen in 1948's SUPERMAN and it's sequel ATOM MAN VS SUPERMAN in 1950.  Alyn was a former dancer and while he brought a certain grace to the role I couldn't get past the fact that he looked like he was about to jump into a gang fight in West Side Story on Broadway at any given time.

Part of making the role work for Reeves (no relation to Christopher Reeve by the way) may have been the costume.  It wasn't made out of spandex, instead it looked like it was either cotton or wool.  The kind of long underwear that your dad might have worn.

I realize that filming hasn't yet begun, but I've got no faith in this one-- unless Producer Christopher Nolan gives me a call to work on the script-- I can make it work.