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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Month to Go.

In 1947 they had more people to shovel.
It's been a hell of a Winter and I don't know about you but I was ready to shove old man winter down the front steps about three weeks ago.
Only one month to go until the Official Beginning of Spring.  30 days.  43,200 hours.  We've got your number old man-- and it's time to go.

This year we broke down and bought a snow blower.  Enough was enough.  After shoveling and re-shoveling and re-shoveling the driveway it just made sense.  It's still a lot of work and with the amounts of snow we've been getting I've found myself still taking a shovel to an area first to knock it down, but the snow blower does a great job of cleaning things up.

We used to have a guy who did yard work and I've considered hiring someone to remove the snow but my problem is I'm both an A Type Personality so I want it done my way and very impatient so this guy would have to camp out in his truck outside my driveway 24/7 and that seems unlikely and unfair.

30 days until Spring.  30 days until Spring.