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Thursday, February 3, 2011


THE PULSE Magazine has a nice little interview with me in their latest issue:

With images of starving artists suffering for their work, living on the fringe of society, eating rarely and crashing on friends’ couches, the stereotypical artist’s life seems a tough one.  It’s the type of life that artist Andy Fish once thought inescapable, “I always envisioned setting up paintings in the park and eating out of trash cans.”

Happily, Fish found that art and commerce can indeed co-exist. He has managed to stay out of the trash cans...

I like THE PULSE Magazine and it's staff-- they are always great to work with and very professional.  It's funny sometimes when you give an interview it can be quite some time before it runs so you forget what you said.  It's like reading it for the first time when it comes out.