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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

KYOTO in the Big Woo

There are also booth's available at Kyoto for those of you who don't like to eat with strangers.
If you're looking for Japanese food in the Big Woo you've got a lot of options-- for lunch I recommend Sakara Tokyo on Park Ave for an amazing Buffet.

But for Dinner-- I'm more likely to be found at KYOTO in Lincoln Plaza-- just around the corner from FIVE GUYS burgers.  Last week after the re-opening of the 20th Century Gallery at WAM a group of Hepcats were heading out to Ralph's to grab a bite-- I've been to Ralph's 3x and am not a fan so we opted instead to head here.  The difference here is there was one slightly drunk guy at KYOTO and about thirty people still maintaining some dignity while you would find the opposite at Ralph's.  

The Food at KYOTO is outstanding-- Veronica got real sushi while I opted for Chicken Teriyaki which is served with steamed rice, a pile of vegetables, salad and the absolute best Onion-Misu soup I've ever had.  The service is top notch-- but absolutely NOT formal, this is a friendly neighborhood type place so if you're looking for serious low key service as you'll find at most Japanese/Asian restaurants check out OSAKA in White City for similar cuisine.

We arrived to find the place fairly busy on this warm February night which seemed to bring everyone out to celebrate the great weather but got a table in about two minutes (Ironically when our good pal JJ Buckmaster left).

Top Notch Food-- a slightly rowdy atmosphere and servers who make you feel like a regular.