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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Will Eisner Biography

Mike Schumacher's book on Will Eisner is a fascinating well written look at one of the innovator's of the Graphic Novel as art form.

To misquote Eisner:

"People will look at a drawing and say-- that's art, but people will look at a series of drawings with word balloons in it and say 'that's not art-- that's comics!"

Eisner was always championing the artform for more than just the adolescent superhero crowd.  Right here in the Big Woo Dave Hartwell used to be an invaluable member of the That's Entertainment staff who would concentrate on underground and off-mainstream comics and graphic novels.  Dave moved on to other ventures sadly, and That's E continues to carry a wide range of indie titles, but it's not been the same without Dave's personal recommendations.

My favorite Eisner graphic novel-- and you can't call The Spirit a graphic novel-- is THE DREAMER, which covers his early years as a comic book artist when the medium was in it's earliest stages.

This is a great read and just one more way to get yourself through these sub-zero evenings.