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Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Vs Evil

Here's the pencil piece for my painting in the show-- hopefully I've finished it in time-- it'll be on display at SPACE 242 tonight so get thyself over there toot-sweet-- the cold is no excuse-- bundle up-- get some hot coffee or tea and get over to 242 East Berkeley Street and explore the hands down COOLEST ART GALLERY on the EAST COAST.  That's a big statement and I stand behind it.

UPDATE: Unfortunately I'm not in the show, nor will I be at the opening.  My dad passed away mid week and we spent the better part of the beginning of the week with him rather than home making art.  I've discussed a few things with Ami at SPACE 242 and we'll have some pretty big announcements to make right here really soon.

I tend not to talk about family in this blog-- and it's for no other reason than privacy, but I can say without hesitation both my parents are the best anyone could ask for.

My dad was a New England Champion bowler, owner of properties and self employed for most of his life after returning from the US Navy and his adventures during World War II.  He retired around 2001 mostly due to health issues, but he continued to lead an active life which included a lot of friends and outdoors.

I was very touched that the City Bus Driver who picked him up every morning came out to visit him the day before he passed away in the nursing home.  She told us that everyone on the bus had been asking about him as well as the people from the coffee shop he visited every day.  She told us story after story of kindnesses and friendship that he shared with all of these people.

I can say that he was my hero and I owe a lot of who I am to his influence.  He will be missed.