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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dracula Thumbnails

It made sense at the time.
Standing in the post office in Kyoto and pulling things out of my already too heavy suitcase and backpack to mail back to the United States I took 120 pages of Dracula Thumbnails out and put them in the box.   I didn't work on them on the plane over as I had intended, and I reasoned that I probably wasn't going to work on them on the way back either.  Keep in mind when I say 120 pages I mean comic page layouts, with six on a page which means 20 sheets of paper which probably weighed about an ounce.
I put them in the box because I didn't want to risk carrying them around with me-- and like I said, it made sense at the time.

Two months later when the only thing arriving from that package was the lid with a note of apology from the post office it didn't quite seem so sensible.

I spent this past weekend re-thumbing the pages, trying to remember how I had depicted a particular scene and even noticing a glaring mistake I hadn't caught the first time around-- but no matter how you cut it redoing the work was not pleasant.

It's done now, though, and Dracula can resume.
Thanks to everyone who has written a favorable review or taken the time to read it-- the response has been excellent.