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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's CHANGE

The promise of change seems to me as if it will be enough to get Obama into office-- and I'm expecting the end result will be the decry from Conservatives as to the coming socialist change and the hue of Liberals who will champion that racism is dead in America because we've elected our first black president.

I guess they forgot about Bill Clinton.

The election is next Tuesday and currently polls are showing a near neck and neck race with analysts predicting an election day to rival the one in 2000 when, as Imus put it, "The wheels came off the bus" and we basically spent a week not knowing who our next president would be.

I don't think it'll be anything like that.  I'm not predicting a landslide, but John McCain's health issues and more importantly his choice of supermodel Sarah Palin as his running mate despite her apparent lack of being able to answer questions on her feet--

Note to Sarah-- I don't read a single daily paper-- I get my news from reliable sources like The Daily Show and Yahoo-- but if cornered I could NAME three or four papers off the top of my head;

1. The Wall Street Journal
2. The New York Times
3. The Washington Post
4. The Boston Globe
5. The Walla Walla Gazette

See how easy that was?  To get sidelined by a lightweight airhead like Katie Couric shows how much of an airhead Sarah Palin is, and what does that say about John McCain-- who previously was saving Japanese Skyscrapers from German terrorists in Die Hard?

It says he's going to lose.

Obama also took his campaign to the internet-- something McCain is still trying to both find and figure out what it is.  Enlisting Shep Fairey to do a series of art posters for the campaign was pretty darn smart too-- it's certainly got the college kids in my class excited.

Ah the kids.  They'll vote for Obama because he's cool.
Never mind that he has zero experience, he's cool.

And I, a RINO myself, will likely vote along with them, only to protect my nation from being run by Sarah Palin.  Oh John-- why couldn't you have picked a serious running mate?

I'll go with Obama because he's not dead above the shoulders like John Kerry, my illustrious Ketchup kingpin junior senator who just won't go away.  Maybe when Teddy Kennedy finally kills himself with booze Kerry will be so distraught that he'll drown himself in some Heinz 57 sauce-- but luck just doesn't seem to run that way.

So Obama will win, what will that mean?

Let's race ahead to 2012 as incumbent Obama is running for re-election-- let's see his record, so doing my best Criswell imitation, here are my predictions;

1. The Health Care reform that he promised is a debacle.  The system has collapsed on itself and we are further in debt than ever before.
2. The War has ended in Iraq, but we still are in Afghanistan.
3. Osama Bin Laden sits in a federal cell awaiting trial, because that's the liberal thing to do.  We'll find out he's living in a pretty well populated town in Afghanistan, pretty much right under our noses all this time.
4. Gasoline is $4 a gallon-- and the economy is a wreck-- this will be his kryptonite
5. His approval rating bounces between 40-50% depending on #4 above.
6. Joe Biden has stuck his foot in his mouth at least as many times as Dick Cheney has shot a friend.
7. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick joined Obama's cabinet, leaving us with boy Mayor Tim Murray, so Worcester benefits!
8. Liberal agenda items;  Gay Marriage
9. Conservative Agenda item; The Sanctity of Marriage between a man and a woman
10. Mitt Romney is the Republican Candidate-- they will bring up the dog on the roof of the car, Romney's creation of the Mass Healthcare Program with Teddy and the fact that he was a liberal Republican, but now he's gung ho right wing.

We'll pull this up in four years and see how I did.
Hopefully, I'm wrong and things for us are great.  Especially #4.